Roles of Plant and Machinery

Roles of Plant and Machinery |Infra Bazaar

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Deployment of Machineries like crushers, excavators, cranes, dumpers and others in the construction industry enables the companies to work more effectively. The wide range of plant & machinery is designed to carry out specific jobs.


A Backhoe Loader is versatile and robust and its features are ideal to provide digging, trenching, back-filling and material-handling functions. They are used for digging foundations for large building projects, and to break asphalt and road surfacing, and also in demolition and excavation. They can shift a lot of material in a very short space of time.

Backhoes are effective and productive. They are known for precise handling and performance, and can work in restricted areas.


An Excavator is huge construction equipment which is versatile and is used for trenching, material handling and digging foundations besides being helpful in forestry, landscaping, mining and river dredging. It features a boom, stick and bucket, on top of the carriage.


A Loading Shovel is a wheeled vehicle and is extremely versatile a heavy duty vehicle with an array of tasks. It is commonly utilized in moving and loading materials and has a big range of applications, like quarrying, ground clearance and block handling.

Overhead Gantry Crane is large machinery featuring a crane that can lift heavy objects through a hoist system which is attached to a trolley.

The ends are supported by a gantry beam which rests on wheels and runs along rails. it is commonly utilized in the manufacturing of large equipment and vehicles, loading operations and material handling.


A Lorry Loader Crane is a hydraulic articulated arm fitted to a truck or lorry that is used for loading and unloading materials from the vehicle.


A Forward Tipping Dumper is robust and sturdy and a useful piece of machinery. It has a load skip situated at the front, and allows the driver to see the load during transportation.


A Roller is a compacting engineering vehicle, mainly used to compress soil, gravel or asphalt. It uses the weight of the drum at the front of the vehicle to compress the surface and is widely used in construction and road works, to prepare ground foundations for building projects. it is also used in agriculture and at landfill sites.


Stone Crusher plants are unique and have contributed a major share in the health of the infrastructure sector. In them Raw materials are evenly and gradually conveyed into jaw stone crushing equipment for crushing through the hopper of vibrating feeder. Subsequently the crushed stones are conveyed to crushing plant by belt conveyor for the second stage of crushing. Then they are sent to vibrating screen for separation. After this process is over the qualified materials are selected as final products. The remaining materials are carried back to the stone crushing equipment for another set of crushing. The final products are classified according to different size ranges. Dust is heavily generated during the process and proper dust control measures are needed.


Hot Mix Plants are marvels of precision engineering and are designed for the highest quality and can give a Top performance, at lower operating costs. They are engineered to last longer and meet the toughest specification Standards.


Wet Mix Plants are following the trends today and are of great use the infrastructure sector. They come with rich industry experience and knowledge, and are backed by a team of experts to ensure the finest quality. They meet an array of various parameters and different specifications and configurations, to satisfy the varied needs of clients. They are designed to last longer and deliver a fine performance.


Batching Plants have excellent functionality and are an example of robust functioning. they have a variety of parts and accessories, like Mixers,  which can be either tilt drum or horizontal, cement batches, aggregate batches, conveyors, radial stackers, aggregate bins, cement bins, heaters, chillers, silos, controls, and dust collectors.


The plant machinery must have the staff which has received certified training to ensure the safe use and operation of the equipment. They need to understand the key principles, safety procedures, working and the needs, of a project.

Plant and Machinery enhance work practices and improves productivity when the proper care and correct use of the machine are undertaken.  The equipment bears a lot of pressure as it is changed over time from one job to another. There is a need for ensuring optimum equipment utilization and greater profitability.

The issue of proper maintenance also has to be given great importance as it can enhance the life of the Plant and Machinery

The worldwide Plant and Machinery market is expected to grow at a decent rate. This rate of growth is possible owing to various factors. They need to keep pace with the great growth that is happening all around. In the future, like today, it is expected to have an increased demand. There is an ever-increasing need for the appropriate Plant and Machinery because there is a thrust for infrastructure development.

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