Safety Is A Choice You Make!

Safety Is A Choice You Make! - Infra Bazaar

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Construction sites pose hazards that require safety and protection equipment. On-site hazards can result from physical, electrical, mechanical, chemical, and other operations. Therefore, Infrabazaar suggests you must ensure safety by wearing protective gear while at work.


PPE is important because it provides the first line of defense against injury. Construction PPE should be used as instructed. Each gear should be worn for the purpose it is designed.


In this post, you will learn about some more forms of PPE’s that are necessary and work well in mitigating risks



During rigorous work at construction sites, the material particles scatter and pollute the air. There may be splashes of paint, chemicals, fragments from wood, fumes, etc that can cause difficulty in breathing and it also poses harm to the exposed skin. Wearing a face protection/respiratory mask can give you protection from these elements.

There are different kinds of respiratory masks available in the market ranging from full-face coverage, half-face masks, hoods, disposable masks, etc. Respiratory protective equipment makes breathing easier and blocks viruses too.



Hi-visibility clothing can be your safety signal when you are working on an active roadway. Clothes with reflective striping should be worn to avoid the risk of being hit by a moving vehicle. The right set of apparel will increase the visibility of the worker even from a distance. It is recommended to wear reflective hats and vests to indicate site work in progress.



Construction tools and machinery generate loud sounds which are above normal hearing decibels. Wearing hearing protection will act as a barrier that can dissipate the incoming sound. PPE earplugs/earmuffs can be worn to protect your ears from intense sound or noise generated from chainsaws or other instruments.



Many construction sites have high walkways or require workers to be suspended from a height. Employees working at an elevated level, say above 5 feet or a steep descending level need protection from accidental falls. That’s when a safety harness can rescue the personnel from falling. The safety harness is a belt that can be wrapped around the chest and fastened onto a stationary object.


IMPORTANT TIP Inspect your kit before and after use to make sure it is in useful condition.


NOTE – PPE improves your defense. Workers should first try and eliminate any hazards by meticulously planning the project. The company in charge should build a safer protocol and see to it that the operations are executed taking all measures.

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