Safety Protocols For The Construction World!

Safety Protocols For The Construction World! - Infra Bazaar

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Construction workplace injuries are common. Maintaining a safe work environment is the responsibility of both the employer and employee. Employers should promote safety as a top priority to establish an effective workplace culture. discusses at length about everything safe!

Let's start with the use of PPE - Personal Protective Equipment.

It is a safety gear or kit that protects an individual from injuries resulting from hazards. The contents in the kit minimize exposure to hazards. PPE stands to be an important safety fundamental at a construction site
Construction PPE includes items such as heavy-duty gloves, safety glasses, sturdy shoes, ear inserts, hard hats, etc

With the new health risks associated with the pandemic, the use of construction site PPE has become more important than ever. In fact, the PPE kit has expanded its components beyond the basic gear.
Implementation of safety procedures paves the way to continue work through the pandemic. In conjunction with PPE, you need to –
1. Educate workers on how to use the newly added Covid PPE
2. Maintain social distance
3. Limit sharing tools
4. Disinfect surfaces
5. Install handwash/sanitizing stations
6. Train workers on best practices

Hazard Risk Assessment should be conducted to first determine the type of PPE you need. Once you have identified the potential hazards, determine what components of the PPE do their risk assessments indicate. Lastly, make every effort to protect workers through measures.
There are different types of PPE that serve protection from different works. You must choose the right type of (PPE) and wear it at all times when on construction or renovation.

In order to integrate safety into your construction project, be mindful of the following:
1. Supply PPE to all workers
2. Timely review of PPE
3. Training the workers on proper usage of PPR
4. Create risk awareness
5. Install warning signs at potential danger areas
6. Promote wearing a PPE at work

Here is some recommended Construction Personal Protective Equipment that can mitigate the risks of hazard.

Arms, hands, and fingers are often susceptible to injuries when you are working at a construction site. Construction workers should wear fully covered garments and wear safety jackets or coveralls that can give body protection from all types of hazards.
Remember that the clothes should fit closely and never be baggy. It should allow mobility but never trip you to danger.

Construction sites unusually have uneven ground, filled with construction material or remnants that can pose injuries. You should equip yourself with a puncture-resistant and non-slip shoe that gives your foot protection from sharp, rolling, or falling objects that might be found on the ground. Your shoes must give you a better grip while working on mushy, slippery, or uneven surfaces.

There is always vigorous activity going on at construction sites. And thus the site is prone to accidents, risks, and hazards to the workers involved in the project.
You need to protect your head from falling objects, electrical wires, conducting surfaces, or overhead sharp edges. Site Engineers and all construction personnel should wear a safety helmet or insulated hard hats to prevent head injuries from any such causes.

Construction sites often involve welding, nailing, sawing, and molding work. Metal shavings, caustic liquids, and even welding light can pose danger to the eyes. Wearing eye gear such as glasses or goggles gives protection from blowing dust or other particles.

While working with construction material, personnel handling construction material may come in contact with rough, sharp, and toxic material. They may have to deal with sharp or hot objects, electrical works, and chemicals too. Workers exposed to such harmful substances may contract cuts, abrasions, burns, etc. Wearing heavy-duty gloves can prove to give good protection to hands.

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