Posted By:Infra Bazaar

Smart Cities are the future building blocks for the proposed infrastructure development in the country. These new cities equipped with new technology will help the country to be a market place on a global level and being looked as perfect places for new setups. With such aims for improvement in the present system, it is not the only ‘Smart’ thing we must be looking up to in the near future.

One of the most important factors that define a city is its roads and railways network. With the railway ministry already working on railways, the eyes are now on roads. Roads are a prime decision maker for setting up a manufacturing unit. The better the roads, the less is the lead time, material damage and various other issues. It would be cherry on the cake if we have smart roads and highways connecting the whole country.

So what are Smart roads? These refer to roads constructed with supreme and improved construction material along with strong technology backbone. Use of re- engineered steel material for structures on the roads such as walkways, overhead bridges, pillars and poles can improve the strength of these structures and add life so as to cut down cost in the future along with providing aesthetic improvements. The pavement along the roads can also be worked up on by using higher cement products and by-products. Such changes will impact the overall habitat of the city providing beautification and improved appearance. When these changes will collaborate with technology and devices such as high speed cameras, road sensors, monitors, control panels, automated toll structures, smart lights etc., it will indeed make a city smart.

In order to set such goals for future growth, the changes should be made at a ground level by using construction material and building equipment which generates a higher ROI and gives fruitful result for future implementation and sustainable development. The result anticipated should not only be measured in monetary terms but also in long term sustainability, durability and usability.