The Environmental Genesis. | Infra Bazaar

The Environmental Genesis. | Infra Bazaar

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What’s a king to a God, what’s a God to a man who doesn’t  believe in anything, what’s a  man to the nature who is getting killed by his hands and dying slowly? Nature is our ultimate home and we are burning it, rendering ourselves homeless day by day. Unlike our concrete setups, this home can’t be switched and thus there is only one remedy, which is to act right now and do everything for a better environment and a sustainable ecosystem.

So how can we change this concrete forest to an eco-friendly setup? Something which is based on the three R’s of Environmental economics. The three R’s being Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. The answer is simple, building eco-friendly buildings and using environmental friendly construction material and equipment. The basis of such building concept is minimizing the wastage and maximizing the efficiency and replacing exhaustive sources with non exhaustive resources wherever possible. The most common used energy source for the building is solar panels on the roof or replacing glass panels with solar ones covering the building. Another concept is using green lighting which simply means using natural light for illumination purposes. To prevent wastage, heave insulation materials are a must and thus construction material of such property must be used. The building must have water efficient fixtures, compact florescent lighting, landscaping with native plants and water conservation measures and protected green space which also add to aesthetic sense of the building. In addition to making changes in the infrastructure, there is a need bring about a change in human behaviour and his attitude towards the nature. We will have to inculcate environmental concepts so as to make it a part of our lifestyle.

But this alone won’t help. We need to reduce harmful toxins being released into the nature in the form of gases or pollutants. Using easily degradable products and recycling those which can’t be recycled is the key to this thinking. As once a great man said, “Look deep into the nature and you will understand everything better”.