The simplest painting guide is here!

The simplest painting guide is here! - Infra Bazaar

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It's always an arduous task to repaint your house or office. Generally, frequency-wise painting is done once in 2-5 years and is a very expensive process. Hiring a painter or a contractor also takes up quite a part of your painting budget


More often than not, the painting job is a grey area in terms of the process, product and what will entail the best outcome. This task is generally outsourced to a contractor or a painter considering the technicality involved in the painting process. The task then becomes about simply briefing the contractor/painter on our requirements and expectations, in painting the space about the kind of look and colours which fit the sensibilities.


What are paints made of:


While paints are largely for appearance enhancement, protection & longevity, and composition wise they consist of resins, pigments, solvents and additives. To quickly run you through what that means, is, the colouring element of paint is pigment, and resins are used to bind pigment particles to the surface. Solvent holds pigment and resins together and additives lend additional benefits to paint to make it more lucrative. 


Type of paints basis area of application:


Paints are primarily of two types - Interior & Exterior which are self-explanatory with respect to surface usage. Based on the need of the surface the paint types change. The solvent and pigments tend to remain the same however the resins and additives tend to change in both types of paints.


Interior paints tend to be based on the need for wall protection, longevity, ease of wash, damp resistance and aesthetics. They tend to depend much more on the colour range as well, given the increased focus on the decorative aspect, here. 


Exterior paints tend to cater to tougher needs like enduring harsh weather conditions, protection from UV radiation, cracks, wear & tear, and fading. Exterior paints are also equipped to deal with fluctuations in weather because if it is not done right they can create havoc and not only look unpleasant but also damage the walls it is designed to protect.  More often than not, the demand seems to be higher for interior paints, given that the interiors need to look good, however, Infrabazaar experts believe a house is made well if you spend wisely on both exterior and interior paints.


Choosing the paint basis broad types:


There are oil and water-based paints in the market. Mostly oil-based paints are used but of late water-based paints seem to be hitting the popularity charts. Water-based paints dry quickly and have Low Volatile organic compounds and a stable colour profile. They can clean up well with water which is a major plus point. 

Oil-based paints take a longer time to dry, lend an attractive glossy finish and have a durable coat which stays longer. Given the nature of the industry and lower toxicity factor, water paints are more in use however oil-based paints are used for furniture, and doors to lend a glossy finish.  The painting space is highly competitive with the number of players operating in this segment. Major players available are Asian Paints, Nerolac, Shalimar Paints, Dulux, Berger, Nippon etc.


4. Types Based on Composition of Paints:


A. Distemper Paints
Distemper paints, also known as whitewash is the cheapest quality water-based paint available in the market. It can at most last around 4-5 years if well-maintained, however, peels off easily when wet. Distemper paints are made of majorly of chalk, lime, water and pigment for colour with glueing agents if necessary. For areas which are not in public view, this is a great alternative. They are used on interior and exterior walls. Priced at Rs 140 per litre bucket.


B. Emulsion Paints
Emulsions are water-based paints which dry off easily and matte finish. They are humidity-resistant and washable to a certain extent. They release some VOCs at room temperature which seems to be something one needs to be wary of. Priced at Rs 450 per 10-liter bucket.


C. Enamel Paints
Enamels are oil-based and moisture-resistant paints. They are used on surfaces with higher visibility because they are easy to clean. They are also available in the form of oil paint that typically shows a shiny coat of paint for metallic surfaces and doorframes making them suitable for wooden and metal surfaces. Priced at Rs 300- 400 per litre bucket


D. Luster Paints
Lustre paints lend a pearl-like smooth finish are highly and are washable. This makes them an expensive option in comparison to enamels. They lend a luxurious feel to the space and hence are used in high visibility areas both in-home as well as commercial. Priced at Rs 356 per litre bucket 


E. Texture Paints
If you tend to enhance the look of a wall by making them show-stoppers in the house or commercial spaces, you can consider textured paints. Application of these paints takes time to dry and a variety of tools are available to lend the effect of textures. The price depends on the effect and extent of the work. Rs 1200-1500 per liter


F. Cement Paints
Cement paints mostly used on exteriors are tougher in resistance and can withstand weather conditions, heat and radiation preventing water penetration as well. They are used for exterior and interior applications, however, are preferred more for exterior surface usage. Priced at Rs 32 per litre 


G. Acrylic Paints
Acrylic paints are water-based, highly durable and reduce imperfections well.
This quick guide should leave you feeling more confident the next time you need to paint your house. Infrabazaar wishes to revolutionize the traditional process of painting and keep its customers informed to make better decisions. Visit us to see how we can get you a quote within seconds to make the process easy for you.

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