The Swallows Nest - Designed by Vincent Callebaut

The Swallows Nest - Designed by Vincent Callebaut |infrabazaar

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Vincent Callebaut architectures designs ‘the swallows nest’ as a faceted gem of culture anchoring the northeast entrance to Taichung Gateway Park in Taiwan. Formerly an airfield, the space is being developed as an urban ecosystem in the Shui Nan ecological gateway district of Taichung City. The building’s form is a triangle rotated 80 times around an elliptical möbius strip. As it spirals around an ellipse, the volume elevates from the ground plane, leaving vaulted apertures to the central void, which becomes the ‘endless patio’. Vertices of the geometry sink below ground, creating a large lobby with reception, ticketing, shops, and cafes. A glass canopy hovers at ground level, opening the space to direct sunlight, and providing a feature in the courtyard above. A hall connects this subterranean space to the convention center, workshops, and archives. The lowest levels consist of underground parking and systems of protection from natural disasters.