Time to focus on labour shortage strategies

Time to focus on labour shortage strategies - Infra Bazaar

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Labour shortages are not new to any labour-intensive industries, however, with multiple lockdowns and unpredictability brought on by the pandemic, it has been tougher especially for the Indian construction market. Is there a way to learn from what’s happening today? Infrabazaar.com gives you five suggestions for handling labour shortages.

Your ideal operator could also be a seasoned pro with 15 years of experience across a spread of machine types, but is that basically realistic right now? Be hospitable candidates with less experience who show a willingness to find out about the work. The investment you put in training them now is likely to pay off later.

Before you post-employment opportunities externally, consider your own internal candidate pool. Have any of your employees expressed interest in learning a replacement skill? Figure out if people from your work pool exhibit potential in areas apart from their current responsibilities? it's going to be easier to market from within for a more skilled job than advertise externally for an entry-level position.

Take a lesson from other industries and consider perks or benefits you haven’t offered before. Would a signing bonus or salary advance help you attract labour in an already crowded job market? Also, look for possibilities and alternatives which allow flexibility. What is a more flexible work schedule, say four shifts of 10 hours versus five shifts of eight — or additional vacation time? A work-from-home option, albeit it’s only one or two days every week, might appeal to back-office employees.

When everyone’s targeting an equivalent pool of workers, it is sensible to look elsewhere. Older workers often are overlooked in job searches, but they will bring experience and leadership skills to your organization. Women aren’t always top picks when it comes to typical construction jobs, but they’ve proven they will do the work also as or better than their male counterparts, especially in the European construction markets. Take a cue and rope them in, you may also want to consider tapping into the temp/freelance market or using a staffing/recruiting agency to assist you to discover workers.

For employees, usually, there’s little reason for workers to remain in jobs where they’re treated poorly. If your employee retention is below acceptable standards, maybe it’s time to ask why. Are you paying fairly compared to the remainder of the market? Is your commitment to worker safety clear? Does one hear employee feedback and take action on their concerns?  Determine where you would like to enhance to form your company an “employer of choice.”
Given the challenges of finding skilled employees,  especially equipment operators, within the constructing & building industry, these aren’t just short-term tips to assist you to get through today’s labour shortage. They’re long-term strategies you'll have to use to offer your organization a permanent stay within the recruiting race.

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