Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in India 2021

Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in India 2021 - Infra Bazaar

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With the rising costs of electricity and reduction in prices of Solar PV Panels plus the government, policy assistance has made buying a Solar PV system has become very lucrative in many parts of India. Tremendous interest has been witnessed for buying Solar PV panels. However, there is still lack of awareness among general people about the technology involved, the trademarks, and the prices associated with the products amongst the consumers throughout the nation.

Bijli Bachao is one such initiative which gives tips on how to save on our electricity bills and learn more about energy efficiency. Bijli Bachao has created several pages (links) on this their website to create awareness about the latest and modern technologies, in continuation of the prevalent efficient energy management. Below is the list of top ten solar panel brands available in India. Please note that the Solar Panels available in India comprises of both Indian as well as International brands. Some of the top brands made in India are quite comparable in quality to the international trademarks.

Solar panels installed in the country of various manufacturers.

Best Solar Panel Brands in India:




Vikram Solar


Waaree Solar


Goldi Solar Pvt Ltd


Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd.


XL Energy Limited


Solar Semiconductor


Emmvee Photovoltaics Private Limited


Navitas Green Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Saatvik Green Energy


Panchavaktra Power


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