Types of Paints Used in Construction - Part 1

Types of Paints Used in Construction - Part 1 - Infra Bazaar

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Paints as we know, are used to improve and enhance the appearance of infrastructure and its interiors. However, Paints are much more useful than that. In the construction industry, there are numerous types of paints available- each serving its own purpose.


In this blog, we aim to discuss the various kinds of paints available and used for construction. But, before we move ahead into understanding its types, let’s first understand why painting is carried out.


Painting helps protect surfaces from insects, external factors like rain, water, heat, and radiation. It also helps keep surfaces clean and safe, making it durable. Based on the kind of paint used, it also helps visually enhance the look of the surfaces.


Types of Paints


1. Aluminium Paint


This type of paint is made by mixing aluminum particles with oil varnish. Aluminum paint is weather, water, and corrosion resistant, and thus is used for metals, woods, gas tanks, water pipes, and oil tanks.


2. Enamel Paint


These are hard and glossy paints that are produced by adding lead or zinc with varnish and desired color pigments. The water-proof, chemically resistant and offer good coverage and color retention. Enamel paints are used in interior and exterior walls, woods, flooring, stairs, windows, etc. They are slow to dry and require titanium coating before application.


3. Emulsion Paint


Emulsion paints consist of polyvinyl acetate and polystyrene (binding materials), and cobalt and manganese(driers). They can be either water or oil-based and make use of pigments to achieve the desired colors. They are fast to dry and harden, durable, and their surfaces can be easily cleaned. They are used for interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and even for woodwork.


4. Cement Paint


The powder from cement mixed with water and other additives produces Cement paint. It is durable, water-proof, and is commonly used on rough and external surfaces. It takes a long time to try and requires additional coatings to prevent dampness.


5. Bituminous Paint

Bituminous Paint is produced from dissolving asphalt or tar and is thus, black in color. They aren’t used on surfaces that can be exposed to the sun, as they deteriorate. They are durable, waterproof, and alkali-resistant and are used in concrete foundations, underwater ironworks, wooden surfaces, iron pipes, and also prevent rusting when applied on metals.  


6. Anti-Corrosive Paint


Just as the name suggests, Anti-corrosive paints offer chemical resistance and protect surfaces. It is black in color and produced from linseed oil, zinc chrome, and fine sand. It is durable, affordable, and is used on metallic surfaces and pipes to prevent corrosion.


Wait there’s more!


But We will discuss them in our next blog post. Stay tuned to know the rest types of Paints. 


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