Types of Paints Used in Construction - Part 2

Types of Paints Used in Construction - Part 2 - Infra Bazaar

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In the previous blog, we discussed different types of paint that are used in construction. Each type of paint has its own characteristics, features, and benefits. In this blog, we further discuss the types of paints that are used for construction purposes.

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Types of Paints-Part 2

1. Synthetic Rubber Paint

Synthetic Paints are made by dissolving synthetic resins. It costs moderately and offers benefits like quick-drying, weather, and chemical resistance. It is used generally on concrete surfaces.

2. Cellulose Paint

This paint is produced from celluloid sheets, amyl acetate, and photographic films, and dries quickly, offers hardness, and a smooth finish. It is water-resistant, smoke, and acid-resistant. Cellulose Paints are quite expensive and thus, are used in cars and airplanes.

3. Plastic Paint

Plastic paint is available in a wide range of colors and offers high coverage. It uses water as a thinner and dries up quickly. Some of its applications include slabs, decks, and walls and ceilings of auditoriums, showrooms, and display rooms.

4. Silicate Paint

Silicate Paint is produced by mixing silica and other resinous substances. It is used in painting metal structures as it provides benefits like good adhesion, hardness, resistance to heat and chemicals.

5. Casein Paint

It is produced by mixing casein mixed with white pigments. Casein Paints are available in powder or paste form to which pigments can be added. It is generally used to paint ceilings, wood, and walls.

6. Oil Paint

These paints use white lead as a base and offer a matt and glossy finish to a surface. They are typically applied in three coats- primer, undercoat, and finish coat. Oil paints are affordable and offer benefits like durability, easy-to-apply, and clean. It is generally used on walls, doors, windows, and metal structures.

7. Luminous Paint:

Produced from calcium sulphide with varnish, these paints shine in dark. They are required to apply only surfaces that are free from lead paint and anti-corrosive.

As discussed above and also in our previous post, Paints are of various types and are beneficial to keep surfaces visually appealing, durable, and long-lasting. It helps protect, preserve, and beautify spaces. We often spend so much time choosing your desired color, but it is also important to understand and apply the right kind of paint that serves technical advantages and offers protection from the weather, water, and other conditions.

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