Usage Of Excavators In Different Fields

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Excavators are used in many applications like Construction, Mining, Digging, Material Handling, Forestry Work & Mulching, Demolition, General Grading/Landscaping, River Dredging, Driving Piles, Drilling, Railways, Snow removal and many more. Few of the applications are discussed below


In construction excavators are used to dig soil and rock from the ground, mainly it is used to dig harder surface, Demolition, Drilling and many more using Rock breaker as an additional attachment to it.


Excavator adds an advantage in mining as it plays a prominent role in digging coal and other minerals from earth as well loading on to the dumpers/ tippers.


To complete or manage railway tracks in the traditional method would take huge amount of time and also money but usage of excavator in this scenario made it work easier. Removal of Defective Tracks, Managing and Replacement of Tracks, Replacement of Sleepers etc., is very simpler nowadays. However many companies are still focused in improving the Technology of Excavator to optimize the work much more efficiently and effectively.


Grasping, Cutting, Shearing, Measuring, Chopping, Dragging, And Loading wood are the key functional areas where Excavators are used in the Forest. By using excavator attachments available today in market we are able to save much time and man power when compared to the traditional method which we used to follow in the olden days.


Excavators are also plays a prominent role in maintaining water ways and ports. They are used to cutting up Sunken Vessels, Laying Fiber Optic Cable, Underwater Construction, Seabed Preparation, Drilling, Dredging, Pile Anchoring, Rock Breaking etc..

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