What infrastructure lessons can we carry forward to the future

What infrastructure lessons can we carry forward to the future |Infra Bazaar

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Introduction: At present the infrastructure sphere is abuzz with several activities and there is an air of productivity and positivity in it. There are many lessons, which can be carried to the future, based on the present state of affairs and let us examine them here in detail. There is going to be a great impact, by what we are going to do today, because the future and its shape, happens only when we take judicious and proper steps today.  The following measures are important and listed for observation:

There is a strong need for Prioritization

The banks have to be more flexible in their Financing strategies because infrastructure is now directly associated with nation building and has great impacts on the quality of life of many people directly and indirectly.

Overcoming Infrastructure Deficit

Infrastructure Deficit can make or mar the future, and hence it is important to overcome it. More and more means of financing have to be found out to meet the demands of the sphere at the national and the international level.

Comprehensive data

Comprehensive data has to be made available as it is on this that all the decisions are taken and the policies are formulated.

Effective strategies

Effective strategies which are the results of the learning of the past and the present, have to be in place, if new horizons are to be reached.

Removing bottlenecks

Removing bottlenecks that are an impediment in the implementation must be done, and all the measures which increase the speed of the projects, must be taken. 

Answering urban aspirations

Urban aspirations are propelling the Infrastructure and this fact has to be always given the weightage today as well as in the future

Keeping up with the expectations

The government has been proactive, and there are increased expectations, from one and all. Even the approach of the private players has been impacted, and there is a resolve to execute and complete the projects. Getting the optimum benefit from government spending is required.

Removing vital shortages in Transport, Sanitation, Water, Electricity, Communications Technology, and Social Infrastructure,

Physical and Financial Connectivity is indispensable, in realizing the full benefits of regional integration and greater development

Aggressive bidding has to be curbed and judicious bidding to be encouraged

Sluggish economy

Overall the world is slowing down, and this affects our country too. Hence there must be a consideration for the sluggish economy.

Coordination with Banks

A look and coordination with Bank for completing stalled projects

Besides, these issues are also important in some way, for casting their shadow on the future.

Special focus on projects where the work 70-90% is completed

Better working capital management

Thorough capital restructuring

Focus on proper and timely execution, marked improvement in execution capabilities

Resorting to improved credit ratio for upgrades and downgrades which is now near 2%

Better revenue growth in companies which have revenue below 1000 crores

Building on the gains so far achieved

Revenue scaling up and rise in profitability. Operating margin to be maintained at the current 12.5%

Legislation for Speedy land acquisition and clearances is the need of the hour more so at the ground level

Instead of bidding on new projects focus on completing ongoing projects

Improvement in credit profiles

Cost reduction in last mile funding

Taking measures to see that no projects are halted at any stage

Hence, these economic and financial measures, are the lessons that can be carried forward for having a bright future in the industry

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