What to Consider While Buying a Skid Steer?

What to Consider While Buying a Skid Steer? - Infra Bazaar

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Skid Steer is one of the most versatile equipments used in construction sites to get various kinds of jobs done. It is maneuverable with flexibility in attachments and is used for tasks like lifting, dozing, digging, closing grounds, and many more.

Choosing the right kind of Skid steer is important to maximize productivity and ROI. Here is why we have listed the 5 things to consider when you are buying a Skid Steer.


1. Consider the Size

 Size is a crucial aspect to consider when buying Skid Steer. Along with this, it is also important to take into consideration the nature of the job site as well as the size of the job, for which it will be used. You want your Skid Steer to work on tight spaces but still provide sufficient horsepower and lift height similar to the bigger jobs. Also, another reason why the size of the equipment matters, is due to the costs of transporting the equipment.


2. Consider the Attachments

The weight and frequency of use of your attachments will help you choose the right kind of Skid Steer. Before the purchase, you need to make sure to check the compatibility of the attachments you want to use, auxiliary hydraulic numbers- as high-quality hydraulics help maximize horsepower and capabilities of the machine.


3. Horsepower

Consider the pushing power and tractive effort for the job, as this will determine the horsepower needed. When it comes to buying a Skid Steer, horsepower and a strong engine play a huge role in the effectiveness of the equipment. Larger machines do provide higher horsepower but with the advent of technology, this gap is narrowed. Small-medium skid steers can give as much traction as a large skid steer.


4. Cab Comfort

As much as the capabilities and features of the Skid steer matters, it’s productivity also relies on the hands of its operators. Although this seems like a minor aspect to focus on, doing so can give a significant work output. The comfort of the workers can help increase their overall performance and prevent fatigue which results in more amount of work done. Operating a skid steer for long hours, when it’s uncomfortable may end up causing errors.


5. Level of Lift

A skid steer comes in two forms- a radial and a vertical lift machine. Based on the kind of project and work required, a Project manager can either purchase radial or vertical skid steer. When the work involves digging and closing grounds, a radial skid steer is used. While any work that involves eye-level of above employs vertical skid steer.


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