Why RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) ?

Why RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) ? - Infra Bazaar

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Concrete is one among the foremost important components utilised in the development industry and accounts for 30-50% of the entire cost of any structure being constructed. The standard of concrete used has a direct impact on the longevity and strength of the structure and it's during this context that ready mix concrete plays a crucial role. The advantages of using ready mix concrete are very many, because they help improve the efficiency and reduce wastage of resources involved within the construction process.

A combination of cement, water along with mixture of gravel, sand and crushed stone, RMC (Ready Mix Concrete). It is tailor-made to match the requirements of the construction job at hand. It's prepared in factories or during a batching plant then taken to the development site in transit mixers mounted on trucks. This feature that allows customisation of RMC makes it a favourable option as opposed to normal cement.

Preparing cement on the worksite is often quite aggravating. All the supplies, like bags of cement, sand, gravel and other additives, got to be delivered at the location wherein you would like to start out the method of preparing the cement. You furthermore may need a supply for clean water and a concrete mixing hopper. Ready mix concrete is a great alternative to the regular mucky and time-consuming process of preparing concrete onsite. RMC suppliers, usually, provide two services at the same time; one is , processing the material for producing fresh concrete and second is, assistance with transporting the merchandise, within short spans.


As you propose to require a construction project, it's essential to remember the various advantages of using ready mix concrete for the development. The multiple benefits that ready mix concrete comes with, is what makes it more viable than preparing the combination at the worksite are:


One of the benefits of using ready mix concrete is that variables like compressive strength, workability, proportioning of ingredients, water-cement ratio and slump are often controlled and moulded as per the need of the project. The utilisation of ready mix concrete has allowed a massive speeding up from the development process thanks to the development in quality of the materials used. The old methods, generally speaking, were inconsistent as a result of hand mixing and different measures of materials used.


The traditional method of blending concrete included working onsite which involved tons of labour and long periods to finish any project. With the development industry adapting to the arrival of technology, the manufacturing process now requires less supervision, efficient use of cement and saves on energy and resources. The usage of ready mix concrete is instrumental in ensuring high speed construction. Concreting is often done at a rate of 30-45 kiloliter per hour as compared to plants that have a speed of 15-20 kiloliter per hour.


Conserving our surroundings has become top priority in recent times. The climate has been adversely affected with season changes and effects on citizenry becoming evident. Preparation of cement on site involved tons of risk thanks to dust emission. Ready mix concrete reduces these risks alongside low sound pollution.


One of the first goals of ready mix concrete is providing the simplest quality material within the needed time-frame to the purchasers. Delivery time is vital no matter the number being big or small. It also benefits the constructor in terms of saving space for storing giant quantities of cement and therefore the required aggregates. The foremost important part is the convenience of being given the materials without having to travel through the effort of accumulating the raw material for preparing the combination or having to move it to the work site. To add to the existing benefits, ready mix concrete is of great value for construction sites that are situated in or near localities with space constraints or secluded areas.


Ready mix concrete has time and again proved to be an easy to use construction material. From its use to the tactic of placing it, this tailor-made procedure is flexible as per the methods employed by the location contractor.
Better handling and a correct mixing practice helps to scale back the consumption of cement by 10-12%. Prepared in fixed quantities and during a measured manner ensure quality product. This reduces the danger of faltering at some measurements which finishes up harming the mixture overall and hence has got to be done away with. Another advantage that arises from using ready mix concrete is its reduced need for storage space when it comes to storing the essential materials, even at the development sites. It also reduces the need to have to rent plants and machinery and helps save on capital investment. Using RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) assists in avoiding wastage of raw materials associated with the development process.

With the guarantee of structural tenacity, higher service life and reliable structure strength, ready mix concrete may be a promising product for housing, as well as business construction projects.

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