World's Top 10 Construction Equipment Machinery Manufacturers

World's Top 10 Construction Equipment Machinery Manufacturers |Infra Bazaar

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1- Caterpillar (US): Caterpillar Inc. is a leader in Construction Equipment Machinery and has been a familiar name in industry since last 90 years. With more than US$89 billion in assets, Caterpillar is ranked number one in its industry and number 44 overall in the Fortune 500 Companies List. Recognizable for the distinctive “CAT” logo painted on its yellow vehicles, the U.S.-based company manufactures, designs, markets and sells machinery, engines, financial products and insurance to worldwide customers via a worldwide dealer network.

2- Komatsu Ltd (Japan): Komatsu Ltd. is a Japanese multinational company that manufactures construction, mining, military and industrial equipment. The Tokyo-based Komatsu was established in 1917 which also produce a wide array of trucks and agricultural equipment. Komatsu Iron Works was started by Takeuchi Mining Industry as a subsidiary to make industrial tools for the parent company. Komatsu eventually became large enough to sell to the public, and was spun off on May 13, 1921 as Komatsu Ltd.

3- Hitachi (Japan): One of the most venerable names in the construction equipment industry is Hitachi. Established in 1910, the Japanese company manufactures a wide range of construction and mining equipment including excavators, dump trucks, loaders, and cranes. Hitachi Construction Machinery builds anti-personnel landmine removal equipment based on excavators. It is developed by Yamanashi Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. under the leadership of Kiyoshi Amemiya, the president.

4- Volvo (Sweden): Founded in 1927, The Swedish company Volvo is one of the most familiar names in the global automotive industry. Arguably best-known for their remarkably well-built automobiles, Volvo is also a noted manufacturer of heavy equipment including trucks, buses, and a full range of mining and construction equipment. The company also offers a wide selection of attachments, and provides service and part distribution around the world.

5- Terex (US): The U.S.-based Terex produces a wide variety of construction and mining equipment for a global clientele. The company was established by Gerald Williamson in 1925, and its equipment is sold in over 170 countries. The Terex product line is comprised of cranes, aerial platforms, mining equipment, and road building machinery. To date, there are more than fifty Terex product facilities around the world.

6- Liebherr (Germany/Switzerland): The Liebherr Group is a large German equipment manufacturer based in Switzerland specializing in cranes, aircraft parts, household appliances, and mining. The company offers a wide range of heavy machinery, with particular focus on mining and excavation equipment. Its product line consists of everything from cranes to excavators, to loaders, and even huge mining dump trucks, and it has offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and the United States.

7- John Deere (US): Officially known as Deere & Company, John Deere one of the foremost manufacturers of agricultural and construction equipment in the world. The company was established in 1837, and it offers a wide array of heavy machinery including tractors,  , loaders, excavators, and harvesters of various kinds. The logo of a leaping deer has been used by this company for over 135 years and the company's slogan is "Nothing Runs like a Deere".

8- XCMG (China): XCMG Group is a Chinese Multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company headquartered in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. XCMG is a state-owned company and was founded in 1989. Its subsidiary XCMG Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. XCMG achieved operating income of 101.2 billion yuan in December 2012, becoming the industry's first enterprise that had an operating income exceeding 100 billion yuan.

9- Sany (China): The China-based Sany Heavy Industry Co. Ltd was founded in 1986 by Liang Wengen. The company manufactures a wide selection of construction and mining equipment including concrete machines, hoisting equipment, coal mining equipment, pile drivers, and road construction equipment. The company also produces a range of wind-driven machinery. In 1991 Lianyuan Welding Material Ltd. was officially renamed Sany Group Co., Ltd. and its headquarters were officially moved to Changsha.

10- Doosan (South Korea): The Doosan Group was founded in 1896. The company began as the Park Seung Jik Store in 1896 in Jongno,Seoul. Since then, Doosan has developed into a multinational conglomerate, with particular emphasis on consumer goods, manufacturing, trading and construction equipment business. Doosan’s core businesses are based on Infrastructure Support Business, which has five subsidiaries: Doosan Corporation, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Doosan Infracore, Doosan Engineering & Construction and Doosan Engine.