Yanmar’s SV40 Mini-Excavator : Here’s Why You Need This!

Yanmar’s SV40 Mini-Excavator : Here’s Why You Need This! - Infra Bazaar

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Excavators are essential construction equipment used for various purposes. With so many options available in the market for different sizes, purposes, and types, choosing an excavator has become quite a task. Choosing the right excavator for your construction requirements depends on the nature of the project. It requires planning and understanding of excavators.

If you are planning on buying a new mini-excavator but confused about which one to go for; we recommend you the Yanmar SV40 mini-excavator for both its versatility and compactness.

The latest design from Yanmar SV40 is the go-to mini-excavator for any small to medium excavations, including utility and landscape contracts. Infra Bazaar now offers to buy and rent SV40 and here are the top 5 reasons you should consider buying this essential construction equipment!

1. Size – The SV40 is compact and comes in the right category of size compared to many other mini-excavators in the market. It offers stronger capacity, reach, and flexibility which saves on transportation costs for the contractors. The compact size fits in extremely small construction spaces and its flexibility and stability are an added advantage.

2. Cost-effective – This mini-excavator is packed with features that offer the best benefits for the money. Some of these include Joystick pilot controls, Hydraulic Quick Coupler, Dual auxiliary attachments, a versatile tail swing, and boom design, bucket cylinder for durability, and more. The compact power, strength, and durability of this mini-excavator make this of great value.

3.    Easy to use and maintain – Yanmar’s brand excavators are known for its features and durability. When it comes to SV40, this is no different. SV40 comes equipped with an exclusive Smart Assist telematics system that assists, monitors, and tracks the machine 24/7. This allows us to obtain accurate data about location, work hours, system information, and more.

4. Auxiliary pump attachments – Yanmar has adopted some of the best innovative technologies in its machines and SV40 comes with fully-equipped auxiliary pump flow for hydraulic attachments. The industry-leading and best in class, SV40 consists of 24.5 GPM at 3,553 psi available for double-acting auxiliary hydraulic attachments, and a unique 3-pump design that uses two pumps flow combination to allow operators with different attachments options. 

5. Best Warranty- Yanmar brand offers the best warranty in the market with 4 YEARS OR 4,000 HOURS FULL MACHINE WARRANTY. This is an absolute advantage as it covers all aspects of the machine.

Apart from this, the mini-excavator is well-known for its amazing benefits and flexibility it brings to construction projects due to its digging force, lifting capacity, and highly durable nature. It works effectively and efficiently to ensure every construction task is carried out smoothly and speedily to its completion.


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