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China's new high-speed train Fuxing to run at 400 KM/H


China has introduced the next-generation Fuxing bullet train, which is the first of its kind to be designed and manufactured in the country.

The name 'Fuxing' is said to mean 'rejuvenation' and the new trains are able to attain a top speed of 400km/h, reported Xinhua.

The introduction of the Chinese Standardized electric multiple unit (EMU) Fuxing Hao comes after eight years of the introduction of Hexie Hao high-speed trains. Two such trains under the Fuxing series, CR400AF and CR400BF, have currently been introduced in the service. The trains have more than 2,500 monitoring points to maintain temperature, braking and surroundings in real-time, and will operate on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail link.

They are expected to travel the 1,318km distance of the total journey in roughly three and half hours. It was also reported that the trains feature carriage height of around 4m and seat space of at least 102cm.

Commuters travelling on the new vehicles will also receive free on-board Wi-Fi with stable charging and lighting facilities. More than 20 Chinese firms have been associated with this project over the past three years. 

The new Fuxing-series trains are set to be operated by Beijing-based company; China Railway.

Currently the high-speed network in China measures more than 22,000km, which amounts to nearly 60% of the total high-speed train services available worldwide

China Railway general manager Lu Dongfu was quoted as saying that the new trains models fulfills all China's railway standards and are more suitable for the country's environment and rail transport patterns than previous models.

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