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Private equity firms have both cash and conditions in USA


Infrastructure industry of United States of America is still emerging as owing to few disasters which happened in its history. President Donald Trump is trumpeting his to be announced infrastructure program worth of $1 trillion and is most recently conferred by his Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao this week. Hearing the news, the private equity firms are making their wallets ready.

USA is still in the emerging phase for public-private partnerships, stated by PWC, the biggest auditing company of the country. The state governments have access to funding but investors are reluctant to invest in long term projects for several reasons. However they are coming forward to invest now but with strict criteria.

There are 3 conditions laid by private equity companies are.
1. They want to have their returns at least more than 10% 
2. They want the project period to be less than 10 years of time.
3. Finally they want to have revenue being generated while the project is in process, since they should be paying back to the investors and banks. 

Because of the third reason toll roads have been the popular targets for these companies.
The 'Indiana Toll Road' disaster is the biggest example for these behaviors of private equity firms.
American citizens and tax payers will experience bigger benefits due to the progress of infrastructure industry and the shareholders will see great returns for the same reason - Mike Sommers, president and CEO of the American Investment Council said.

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