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Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth

Singapore plans for being a smart nation


Singapore is planning to be the world's first Smart Nation. It aims to merge technology into every aspect of life on the small island. There are some bus stops, which under this plan will have interactive maps and Wi-Fi connectivity, e-books and a swing. This is to make the journey of Singapore's commuters relaxed, enjoyable and efficient.

The bus system is important to public transport with almost four million daily rides. Using GPS data, researchers and programmers can tell how fast or slow a bus is going and how many people are on board at any given time. The data from buses is being collated in a central control centre. This information tells about the choke points at different times of the day. This will help to put in corrective measures at choke points. This approach is being replicated in transport, homes, offices and hospitals sectors.

There is video conferencing and follow-up for patients in non-emergency cases. Speech therapy, lactation consultation services and pediatric home care services are covered by video conferencing. It is done cautiously, with discipline, so that the patients benefit from consultation, and face no risks.

To deliver effective results, Singapore has set up a new ministerial committee to boost its Smart Nation dreams. There is a sense of urgency in ensuring the future success of Singapore.

India has a lesson to learn from this success story.

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