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Ppc panyam power Bag Price Online

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Panyam Cements & Mineral Industries Limited.
Mfg Year
440BAGS  50 Kg bag
All Over South India
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Product Description

Buy Panyam Cements & Mineral Industries Limited. Portland Pozzolana Cement in All Over South India at low Price.

Panyam Cement- PPC

  • Develop early strength at 3 and 7 days with exceptionally high 28 days strength. Form work of slabs and beams can be removed much earlier which results in increased speed of construction. 
  • Unbeatable consistency in quality gives better accountability for mix design. 
  • The higher characteristics strength of concrete leads to higher bond strength minimizing the possibility of slippage of reinforcements.
  • Its high fineness offers better workability for a given water cement ratio ensuring very dense, compact and durable concrete. 
  • Being the low alkali cement it provides insurance against alkali-aggregate reaction, this results in durable structures.

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